Long Distance Moving Company

Are you planning a move across the state or even across the country?
We are here to help. Our team of expert movers is dedicated to making your move safe and hassle-free. We offer a wide range of services tailored to your needs. So trust us with your relocations and make your moving journey a breeze.

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Choosing "Back Up Movers" Moving Company

Picking the company will be one of the first steps in a successful move. We are ready to make your long-distance moving project as simple as possible. Our experience in the industry, our positive reputation, and our great team of moving professionals make the job easier for each customer. We have the latest technology, safety regulations, and sophisticated customer service.

Loading, Moving, Unloading the truck

Professional movers know how to load your household goods onto the moving truck so that there are fewer slippage, wear, and weight distribution problems. The movers at BackUp Movers company are aware of lifting and transport safety regulations, in order to avoid injuries to personnel caused by falls, cuts, back strain, and more. The use of modern equipment and methods ensures that the risk of accidents while loading or unloading is minimized. We want to protect the health and safety of each of our employees. No injuries and no damage to household possessions of our customers is the goal. In addition to safety for people, our team of movers also is cautious about protecting the household goods of the customer. Careful packing and protection against wear using pads and blankets is sure to produce a more satisfactory result. Safety rules of the road while the truck or van is on the highways is also highly regulated. Drivers are subject to the same regulations as other equivalent vehicle operators.


Packing and Unpacking

While not every customer wants the full service packing service from us, our full and partial packing options can eliminate stress and save time. Our unpacking service is also useful if you need help getting organized upon arrival at your new destination. We will create a packing and unpacking plan to fit your exact needs and budget. Packing boxes are something that many customers do not think about until it is time to actually start putting possessions into boxes. The moving company has appropriate sizes and shapes to be sure that the transport part of the move goes smoothly. Broken or crushed boxes due to faulty products is not something you want to deal with at your destination.