Storage Services

Back up movers has an extensive understanding of commercial and industrial moving. So far, we have helped thousands of businesses in their moving, storage, and furniture needs. We are one of the most experienced and cost-effective commercial moving companies in the country.

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Place For Everything

As more and more people are choosing to reduce the sum total of their possessions in an effort to reduce the cost of housing, it can take time to get through the process. Professional organizers operate on the principle of sorting into various categories, such as donate, discard, and store. People who are serious about making their living quarters more efficient may find the use of a storage unit an effective way to de-clutter their house or apartment, without losing the use of certain items in the process.

Organizing the move

When preparing for a long-distance move, the stresses and frustrations can seem overwhelming. Preparing to sort household possessions and get them into a limited amount of moving truck space can be a task that is beyond the abilities of an amateur. Even if you choose to take advantage of packing services offered by Back Up Movers, it is highly unlikely that everything you own can be prepared and boxed in a single marathon session. It takes time to go through a lifetime of possessions in order to determine which are used constantly, which are seasonal, and which are of sentimental or other value. The use of a clean and secure storage unit is a good interim solution for both short term and long term storage of your possessions.

Timing Issues

Coordinating the timing of leaving one residence and moving into another can require some temporary storage at either the old residence or the new residence. When you make the decision to sell and you haven’t picked out a new residence at your destination, a storage facility is the ideal solution. Perhaps you want to spend some time looking for your new residence before purchasing. You probably want to keep some or all of the more costly furniture and fixtures to use in the new house. If you are just renting a furnished habitation, staying with family or friends, or using a motel or hotel as your living quarters, you will have your household furnishing waiting for you when you decide on a new place.